Unions and PLAs

Looks like the unions want a project labor agreement (a unionized contract that ensures certain benefits, wages to laborers) on a new microchip lab in NY state. Unions argue since $1.2 billion for the plant is being put up by taxpayers that local workers getting a prevailing wage (union wage) should be on the job. Electrical/Plumbing/HVAC trade unions are sure to get involved in this. 

An average PLA (project labor agreement) gives more than just health benefits and prevailing wages to workers. Included in the contract (between the union and state) are vacation benefits, supplemental investment benefits, that usually rack up to over $30 an hour on top of wages and health benefits. Here’s a link to a project labor agreement.   (check out page 31)

Do taxpayers really want to be paying that? What’re your thoughts?


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