Good Morning

May 6, 2009

MTA Fare Hikes Coming Soon, Single Ride May To Go Up $.25 [NY Post]

Mayor Shadows Healthcare Worker on Job, as Promo For Campaign [NY Times]

Madoff Liked Massages, Made Sexual Remarks in Office Secretary Says [NY Post]

NY Times to Raise Newstand Prices to $2, Doubles 2007 Price [DigTriad]


Good Morning

May 4, 2009

NYC Finance Deputy’s Husband Was Highest Paid Parking Judge [NY Times]

Bloomberg, Klein’s Education Program Pays Off, Grad Rate Jumps 5% [NY Post]

Swine Flu School Re-Opens After Scrub Down, 73 Cases Reported [NY Daily News] 

Nicholas Cage High Speed Stunt Scene Injures Two in Times Square  [NY Post]

Good Morning

April 29, 2009

Swine Flu May Be Spreading Through the City Schools [NY Times]

Yankees Slash Prices Due to Sluggish Sales at New Stadium [NY Post]

NYC Finance Chief Resigns, Leaves Amid Inquiries in to Her Ethics [NY Times]

Madoff’s Bank of NY Account Turns Up $7 Million, More There Source Says [Newsday]

President Honors Former NYPD Cop as Teacher of the year [NY Daily News]

Good Morning

April 28, 2009

Plane Chased By Fighter Jets For White House Photo-Op, NYC’ers Take Cover [NY Post]

NYC Councilman Uses Diversity Council to Appoint Sister, City Investigating [NY Times}

NY State Senate Desperate For MTA Bailout Plan, Finances Worse Than Expected [Gothamist]

Lawyer Will Plead Guilty For Defrauding Hedge Funds Out of $400 Million [Bloomberg]

Queens 11-Year-Old Takes Over School Music Program in Absence of Teacher [NY Daily News]



Good Morning

April 24, 2009

MTA to Tell Unions There Will Be No Bonuses This Year [NY Daily News]

Yankee Tavern Owner Charged With Evading $1 Million in Taxes [Gothamist]

Bronx Zoo Fires Animals, Closing 4 Exhibits to Cut Costs [NY Post]

Bloomberg Pours $7.5 Million in to Campaign, Outspends Rival 7-to-1 [NY Times]

Good Morning

April 21, 2009

New Yorkers Spending 50% of Paycheck on Rent, Report Shows [Gothamist]

Charter School Teachers Grapple Between Freedom, Unions [NY Times] 

Leona Helmsley’s  Home Selling at Deep Discount, $75 Million [NY Post]

Mayor Shows Mr. Hyde Side, Personality Trait or Slip-Up? [NYT Column}

Good Morning

April 20, 2009

Giuliani Vows to Fight Gay Marriage Bill if He Runs For Governor [NY Post]

State Democrats to Offer GOP Cash in Return For MTA Bailout Support [NY Post]

Coney Island Amphitheater Plan Hits Road Block, Can’t Hold Weekend Events [NY Daily News]

Flight 1549 Crewman Runs Marathon With Number Close to His Heart [NY Times]